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A level 2 electrician in the Central Coast is authorised by the electricity distributors of NSW to operate in the fields of energy metering installation, connection and disconnection.

central coast electrician level 2

This includes underground mains, overhead services, new and replacement private poles, power upgrades from single phase to 3 phase and temporary builders supply.

Our electricians are suitably qualified to work on your mains electricity supply for your home and business. This is useful when upgrading your switchboard or if you have identified a potential issue such as:

  • Burning smell in switchboard
  • Safety switches continue to trip
  • Upgrades to smart meters

Many Central Coast electricians will have to call a suitably qualified level 2 electrician in order to perform the work on their behalf. With Impact Electrical, you cut out the middleman, saving you time, money and most importantly your safety.

If you are ever in doubt, you can always call us direct knowing our electricians can perform their duty with ease and professionalism.

A level 2 electrician, sometimes also referred to as an ASP (Accredited Service Provider) is different to a standard electrician due to the extra qualifications they hold, recognised by the government and electricity distributors such as Ausgrid to perform live mains supply electrical connections and disconnections.

The 3 levels of ASP’s are:

  • Level 1 ASP’s build the street network. Install the street lighting & Green Pillars you see around new housing estates.
  • Level 2 ASP’s are able to work with dangerous live electrical cables to connect your house or business premises to the street network. They follow strict NSW rules and regulations. Therefore, due to their nature of work, they must be tracked to ensure that safe procedure is complete.
  • Level 3 ASP’s are only concerned with the design of distribution network assets. They are not qualified or authorised to carry out any electrical work such as installing or connecting to an electricity network.
level 2 electrician central coast

Why would I need a level 2 electrician?

There are many use cases where a level 2 electrician is beneficial to you. Whether it be your job being completed in a more prompt manner as they are able to perform all duties on the day without the need to call in a contractor, or, the ability to completely diagnose your electricity supply from the power lines right through to the plug on your wall.

Granny Flats

Granny Flats are all the rage on the Central Coast NSW at the moment and a level 2 electrician can be there to assist with metering, disconnecting and connecting the mains supply to the granny flat. Whether you need it metered separately or just a sub box from the house, it’s important to have the right qualified team for the job. Particularly when it really is granny in the flat, we ensure all the circuits are protected with RCD switches at the same time.

Smart Meters

If your home electricity requirements are changing, perhaps a smart meter is more your style where you can monitor your electricity usage more vigilantly.

Smart meters are digital devices on your mains board that measures your electricity supply and sends it back to the electricity provider remotely, without the need for a manual reading. This means more accurate bills and your electricity provider can measure the power quality being fed into your home ensuring a more consistent supply. Both you and your provider can use the readouts to find better deals and better management solutions for your home or business.

If you’ve been thinking about solar panels for your roof and battery storage systems, a smart meter will be necessary to control the flow of your electricity and feed back into the grid where necessary.

A level 2 electrician can take care of the smart meter and assist with any internal recommendations for energy saving tips while on site.

Major Renovations & Extensions

If required during major renovations, your primary electrical supply to the home can be disconnected whilst the builders and other trades perform the renovations or extensions to your home. Our team will communicate with the other trades to help minimise the downtime to your household and reconnect as soon as needed. Of course while on site our electricians will take of the other electrical needs such as lights, powerpoints and any other items necessary.

As level 2 electricians, we will be onsite and ready to perform all duties from start to finish efficiently, promptly and professionally.

3 Phase Power

If your business or residence on the Central Coast has additional power requirements that require the installation of 3 phase power, Impact Electrical has the electricians ready to upgrade your power supply safely.

Whatever your requirements you can rest assured that a suitably qualified electrician such as those from Impact Electrical. Combine all that with our 100% quality workmanship guarantee, upfront pricing and cost savings solutions, over 60+ 5 star reviews and testimonials, plus 24/7 availability, you know that your home or business is in safe, reliable and trustworthy hands.

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